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Terrance Bell – « God Is God » – Available now !

Houston-based record label, Virtual Valor Group, has inked an exclusive distribution deal with Central South Distribution, and releases “God Is God,” the first single from singer, songwriter, producer, clinician and psalmist Terrance Bell, from his forthcoming album, “God My Hero.”  Label consultant, Roderick Jemison, who will coordinate the project rollout, announced it today.

“We would like to welcome Terrance Bell to the Central South Distribution family. Central South has serviced the Gospel and Christian community for over four decades, and we look forward to a long and productive relationship,” states Central South Distribution President., Chuck Adams.

With precise production, delightful vocal arrangements, and powerful lyrics, the song brings joy to everyone who hears it. “He’s God/Authority He has Power and command/He controls all the lands He’s God/He’s got all the right to see you/Live in harmony/Free from all captivity.”

As a musician who started playing different instruments at the age of seven, and a minister of music whose leadership have enhanced and transcended several church worship services where employed, there is no surprise that “God Is God” is coined as the epitome of a strong praise and worship song.

Like Bell, a man of few words, who believes in taking action, after the vamp, the song breaks down to a humble yet very strong worship flow and immediately gets to the point, “We love You/We adore You/We praise You/All because you’re God.”

When asked her thoughts about the single, Carmina Barnett, Program Director/Operations Director at Heaven 97, KHVN, in Dallas, TX, states, “Terrance Bell has eloquently delivered a powerful worship track with God Is God.”

“I just want God to preserve my life. I make no excuses or justifications for my setbacks or failures in my life.  I am going to make mistakes and I am going to stumble sometimes, but in my heart I have salvation, with this I will receive deliverance, and if I trust and believe in God, Redemption is what He’ll give me”-Terrance Bell.



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